Easy Reviews Affiliate Pricing


Easy Reviews began as an SEO firm, and we love partnering with SEO firms and web developers to help their clients increase traffic and conversion rate.

To this end, we offer discounted rates for firms that add Easy Reviews software to multiple client sites. Those rates are as follows:

Note that these prices are a discount on our usual rate:

Price for one website: $29 / month. This is for the 'button' to help get reviews, and the software showing reviews. That includes as many pages or styles of plugin as you like, but only one Google Maps listing (call us to talk about sites with multiple listings).

It's fully up to you whether you want to give this to your clients as a 'freebee', or charge them a fee of your choice.

If you're interested in our affiliate pricing, feel free to give us a call at 1-833-719-7600 - we're happy to discuss your specific needs and try to accommodate them.