Testimonial Generator

What is the Testimonial Generator?

For firms that understand the importance of Google reviews:

  • Google Reviews are one of the keys to appearing in the “top 3” on the Google map.
  • Our Testimonial Generator streamlines the process of collecting Google Reviews from your customers and can be easily plugged into any website.
  • At your discretion you can install our elegant Testimonial Generator button wherever you like - on the home page, on your testimonials page, in the banner of all pages, or on a hidden page that you only reveal to selected clients.
  • Users are guided through the process of leaving a review, dramatically improving response rates
  • You will automatically be notified via email whenever you receive a new review.
  • Pricing is $19/month for the first location and $10/month for additional locations related to the same corporate website.

How Does it Help My Business?

Try out the Testimonial Generator yourself.

  • In today's online world, 92% of consumers read online reviews to choose local businesses, and most consumers read very few reviews before making up their mind (source: BrightLocal study).
  • Which means that every review counts. The Testimonial Generator is a tool to help earn more and higher-quality Google Review.
  • Many users have a Google account without knowing it. And many users are unfamiliar with the process of leaving a Google review. The Testimonial Generator dramatically improves response rates by addressing possible concerns and walking users through the process in small steps.
  • If a user does not have a Google account, they can still leave you a testimonial that you can feature on your website, and that potentially lets you know which clients to contact to address concerns, or to reap repeat business from a satisfied customer.

Every business hopes that word of mouth will drive their sales growth. But the savvy marketer doesn't passively allow their story to be told. The Testimonial Generator helps your clients share your business' best qualities with the world.

Sign up for free today, and start enjoying the benefits of the Testimonial Generator:

  1. Helps your firm earn more Google Reviews: improving your rank on Google Maps
  2. Helps improve your Google Maps rating: the number many clients use when choosing a firm
  3. Can place the Testimonial Generator link on your website, or use the Generator in email outreach - many clients are unsure about how to leave a review. Guiding them through the process will improve response rates dramatically

Exceptional and personal service. Going through a break up with your company is never easy. Nainesh and his staff were always professional and courteous and took the time to explain options and provide detail on what to expect. When it was required, they even held my hand to get me through the process (figuratively, of course). I am very satisfied with their excellent work and happy with the result.

5 Google Review of Kotak Personal Injury Law by Michael Kalweit on 2020-01-16T18:01:54-05:00

I have dealt with more than four lawyers during discussions of separation agreement, Kavita was the best one by far. Always kind and willing to explain me even the minor details, she made the process easy and fast accepting the points already discussed by mediation. To make it even better, she took care of my pocket delegating small tasks to me, such as mailing the final document. I recommend her without hesitation.

5 Google Review of Kavita V. Bhagat Lawyer and Mediator by Lorena Quintero on 2020-01-15T20:03:00-05:00

Instructors Dr. Babar and Zahida were very informative and thorough. They delivered the content in an engaging way that students enjoyed. Definitely booking SAJE Vital Signs for future training sessions.

5 Google Review of SAJE Vital Signs - First Aid and CPR Training by Rosario Barone on 2020-01-15T11:11:17-05:00

Great staff. Best boss I've ever had

5 Google Review of The Auto Spa on Laird by Albert Grolleman on 2020-01-13T18:55:58-05:00

Ticket defenders was able to get my case withdrawn with out any convictions to my driving record or fines to pay. Amazing job. Definitely would recommend

5 Testimonial of of Ticket Defenders by Travis on 2020-01-09T12:04:31-05:00