How to Merge Google Listings

You see a Google My Business listing that's a duplicate of your own and want it closed - but would like its reviews transferred to your listing. Or you're closing one of your own GMB listings, but want to keep the reviews by adding them to another location. Is this possible?

This is something we handled for a client recently. Out of curiosity, we searched for how other SEOs handle this, and was surprised to see that no one had explained how this is done or if this is possible. So here goes.

The difficult aspects of this are that:

  1. These are issues which have to be solved by talking to a Google representative. So it will ultimately be their 'judgement call'
  2. The link to talk to a Google representative is impossible to find (this problem has been solved for you)

    I'll discuss dealing with duplicate GMB listings, and then how to merge two of your own GMB listings.

    Dealing with a duplicate GMB listing

    If the duplicate listing is unclaimed, you'll have an easier time. You can tell that a listing is unclaimed because it offers you the option to claim it yourself:

    Unclaimed Google My Business

    If you have the option, claim the business and see "merging reviews" below to learn how to add the reviews to your current listing. If there are no reviews, simply take down the listing by:

    1. Going to
    2. Signing into the account which owns the listing
    3. Selecting the 'Info' panel on the left
    4. Clicking "Close or remove this listing" on the right
    5. Clicking "Remove listing"

      If the listing is already claimed, you should instead click here and follow these steps:

      1. Enter the exact name of the claimed listing, and you'll see it as a dropdown option. Click on it.
      2. You'll see a message telling you that this listing is already claimed by someone else. Click "Request access".
      3. This will send an ownership request to the current owner. In most cases, you will obtain ownership within the seven-day period. If you do not, you will see a message telling you that your request has been rejected. This message will contain an "Appeal Now" link. Click on that, and Google will reach out to both yourself and the current owner, asking for proof of ownership.

        Merging reviews for multiple Google My Business listings under your ownership

        You can move reviews from one listing to another if you are marking one of the Google My Business listings as closed. However, you ought to first contact a Google representative because it's not guaranteed that your reviews will be moved. Businesses that rely on their specific location (such as a hotel) or which may provide different service than all other versions of the same firm (such as a burger chain) are not able to transfer their reviews.

        You can contact a Google representative by clicking here. From there, your path to merging reviews is: Business information & edits -> Edit business information -> Request callback

        You will receive a call almost immediately. You will need to have login-access to your GMB listings, and you may be asked to present photographic proof of ownership - so request a call at a time when you are able to provide this.