Using Easy Reviews System


Welcome to Easy Reviews. Even if you aren't a web expert, with Easy Reviews you can quickly and simply monitor your Google Maps listings and those of your competitors, acquire more Google reviews, and show off your reviews on your website.

The Easy Reviews system is found at With a quick synopsis of how it works, you can unlock powerful tools to improve your website and your Google Maps listing at the click of a button. Let's get started!


Here you’ll see all of your Google My Business map listings.

If you have a lot of locations, note that you can sort them based on: number of photos, Google reviews, testimonials, reviews + testimonials, or average google rating.

Click on the name of a location to approve or reject reviews for display on your website, add testimonials, and more. Click here for a full description of the locations tab.

Google Accounts:

This tab lets you see which Google accounts you have, that have granted access to the Easy Reviews system.

You can have multiple Google accounts within one Easy reviews profile.


You can add any business with a Google listing as a ‘competitor’ – this means that you will be able to view their GMB info within the Easy Reviews system, and that you will be notified whenever your competitor receives a review.

Adding a competitor is easy. Simply click 'Add competitor', and you'll be prompted to search on Google Maps for the location that you'd like to add.


Here you can see all reviews of all locations in your profile.

You can sort them by location, rating, creation date, date updated, whether they have comments, and which review groups or testimonial publisher that they belong to.

Email list:

An email list defines who receives an email when a certain location or group of locations is reviewed.

When creating an email list, you can check ‘Default Email List’ to have it apply to all locations in your profile.


Here you can create a link to the Easy Reviews Testimonial Generator. Input your business’ details and you will receive a link that looks like this:

You can use this link in email outreach, or in an image (check out this page for review buttons: The Easy Reviews Button Chooser). You can also place the link on a page, and then link to it link this:, which will prompt the review wizard to popup on that page.

Testimonial Publisher:

Here you can easily create and view your review carousels. Their basic form will look something like this:

For more information on using the Testimonial Publisher, click here.

My profile:

Here you can change your username and login details.