Adding Easy Reviews Testimonial Generator to your Website


Adding Easy Reviews to your site is simple in most web environments. Follow these steps to add the link to your site. In some cases, you may want to ask your website designer/developer to handle this step. We can also guide you through this process if required.

Decide on the Link Content

As with any link on your site you will need to decide whether you want to use just a normal text link or to use an image as the link. Images are often more prominent and therefore you may have more success with an image link. We provide a selection of review images you can choose from or your web designer can create a custom image for you.

Add the Link

Add a normal anchor (<a>) element to the page where you would like the link to appear. Use the Easy.Reviews URL as the anchor element's target (href) and ensure that you specify an "id" attribute. The value of the "id" attribute should be unique for the page. You can use any "title" and link text you wish. If you are creating an image link, you will use an <img> tag rather than just plain text within the anchor tag.

Here is a sample link with "Please Review our Service" as anchor text:

<a href="" id="review-link" title="Click here to send us a review">Please Review our Service</a>

And here is an image link using the blue image button shown in our Button Chooser:

<a href="" id="review-link" title="Click here to send us a review"><img src="" title="Please Review our Service" alt="Please Review our Service" width="200" height="45"></a>

Be sure to change the domain name parameter in the URL to match your website's domain.

Add the Required Script Code:

Near the bottom of your page, just above the </body> tag, add the following script:

var _phpXL = _phpXL || [];
_phpXL.push(['pop',{target: '#review-link', event: 'click', trigger: 'review' }]);
(function() {
var phpxljs = document.createElement('script'); phpxljs.type = 'text/javascript'; phpxljs.async = true;
phpxljs.src = '//';
var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(phpxljs, s);

Make sure the target value matches the id used on your anchor link. In this example we have used "review-link".

That's it! After adding this code you should be able to test your review link.