Easy Reviews System: The Locations Menu

The 'Locations' tab offers you insights on all Google Maps listings you own - as well as those that you may be tracking as competitors.


If you see many locations, you can sort them based on number of photos, Google reviews, testimonials, reviews + testimonials, or average google rating.


Click on the name of one of your locations for more options.


On the page of a particular location, you can:
  • Click 'Manually add a new review to this location' to add testimonials, which can appear on a Testimonial Publisher.
  • Click 'Edit This Location' to change your locations Name, website-link, or description without having to login to your Google My Business account.
  • See your Google reviews, including those that have been deleted by the poster.

    If you have a Testimonial Publisher on your website, you may also want to:
    • Approve and Reject reviews for display on your Testimonial Publisher (using the 'status' column, or by clicking the checkbox on a review and then changing status en masse).
    • Sort the order in which your reviews and testimonials appear (using the 'sort' column, or by similarly clicking checkboxes). By default, a review's sort value is based on how many stars the reviewer gave you.
    • Delete testimonials.