Easy Reviews System: Testimonial Publisher

Testimonial Publishers allow for the creation of attractive review displays in under a minute. Or if you like, you can fiddle with it a little longer to get the exact look that you desire.

Creating a basic Testimonial Publisher

Though you have a multitude of options, you can ignore them all and instead choose the default look, which will look like this:

Need new windows. This is the place.

5 by Douglas Legere on 2018-06-18T20:17:20-04:00

We are trying to determine who controls this Google Listing - please contact Ron Steppacher at AVWD or Jim Donovan at We Think Solutions if you receive a notification about this review.

5 by Anthony Canedo on 2018-02-09T14:57:23-05:00

friendly Office staff, it's the owners, they will accommodate your budget, custom sized windows of various styles, will be back! Build local!!!

5 by Erick Ekhologix on 2017-07-28T01:18:14-04:00

Locally manufactured vinyl windows and doors with good service and quick turn around times.

4 by Mat Lloyd on 2017-10-12T23:00:35-04:00

3 stars

3 by Kyle Johnson on 2018-04-26T21:48:09-04:00
In creating a basic Testimonial Publisher, you'll only need to make one decision, which is choosing whether the Publisher will show rotating reviews (like the one above) or instead simply show the reviews in a stack, like the one below:
The static version is typically appropriate for a testimonials page, while the carousel alternative is more versatile, and may be suited for a homepage or a product page.


To create either of these gadgets, simply fill out the fields above the 'cancel' and 'save' buttons.


The 'name' and 'plugin location' can be set to whatever you'd like, and the 'plugin status' is already set to the correct value. For 'source type', let's select 'Location' for now. Choose whichever locations you'd like to show reviews from.


Then, scroll down. You'll see 'Rotate or Static'. Choose whichever one you prefer and you're done!


Click 'Save' (back near the top of the page), and you'll be given some code on the right side of the screen. You'll notice that there are two different codes - for 'PHPXL sites' and 'non-PHPXL sites'. If these are unfamiliar terms, then your site falls in the second category. Simply copy and paste the code that you see, and your Testimonial Publisher will be up and running.

More Testimonial Publisher Options:

Most of the gadget's options are self-explanatory. However, a few require some comment.
  • Basic Options-> Show Type Labels: This allows you to control whether testimonials and Google reviews are identified as such.
  • Rotate Options -> Elastic Container: This determines whether the gadget's size grows and shrinks to match the quantity of review text, or stays the same size. If set to 'no', the Testimonial Publisher will be set at the size needed to display the largest review on its 'conveyor belt.'
  • Static Options -> Page Items:
    • Show all: This means that all reviews will be loaded at once when a user navigates to the page
    • Page items: Reviews will be shown in groups of five, and the top and bottom of the gadget will feature scrolling buttons
    • Infinite Scroll: Reviews will be loaded five-at-a-time, and a user will see more if they scroll to the bottom of the page
  • If you encounter a bug or something confusing that isn't covered here, feel free to call us at 1‑833‑719‑7600 or fill out our contact form.